Stage 1

Begin your PBS journey by filling out our straightforward request form. Provide contact details to allow our information pack to be sent to you.

Stage 2

Once you’ve submitted the request form, within 24 hours you will receive pricing and information documents via email. Review these materials thoroughly to gain insights into our services.

Stage 3

After reviewing the pricing and information documents, simply click the link provided in the email to get in touch with us. This link will direct you to our dedicated contact page, where you can initiate further communication and express your interest in proceeding with our services.

Stage 4

Upon contacting us via the supplied link, our team will reach out to you promptly to schedule a collaborative consultation. During this consultation, we’ll delve deeper into your situation, discuss your specific needs and challenges, and explore how we can best support you on your PBS journey.

Stage 5

With your personalised PBS plan, begin implementing strategies and interventions. We’ll maintain communication, providing guidance and support. Periodic evaluations ensure continued success on your PBS journey.